THE PRINCIPAL PURPOSE and desired consequence of the WPI’s programs and publications are an ever-deepening critical inquiry into and understanding of the central and governing principles of Edmund Husserl’s phenomenology, both in their own terms and in terms of their subsequent extension  of and dialogue with current phenomenological investigations.  The WPI shares the universalist impulse of Husserlian phenomenology, which sought and aspired to the creation of a mathesis universalis  or universal science able to maintain the fully integrated relation of various and diverse fields of intellectual inquiry in a cohering and coherent worldview. 

The range of the WPI’s research interests and the full dimension of its programs and publications—extending across the arts and humanities—are evidence of that ambitious and fundamental Husserlian premise and philosophy.  The Institute similarly assumes as its own the Husserlian injunction to phenomenological philosophers to serve as a “functionaries” of human interests in a cultural and intellectual inquiry, and in so doing demonstrate the unity of human knowledge and the possibility of deep communication and philosophical understanding.

It is to that end that the Institute organizes and advances multidisciplinary events and encounters among scholars drawn from various and distinct fields of higher education.  Hence, leaders and participants of the Institute have travelled the world over for the past four decades to bring phenomenology to an ever-increasing number of world cultures and philosophical traditions.  The Institute encourages the engagement with various branches, interests, and traditions of phenomenology of the past and present. 

In the new millennium, our new communication technologies hold out the promise of an increasingly interconnected and reciprocally engaged world community.  Certainly, these new technologies have changed and enhanced the nature and practice of philosophical inquiry to such a degree that an international community of scholars and a “world” institute are now more fully realizable than at any time in the past.  The Institute is joined to that effort and hopes to further extend its participation in world intellectual culture, further disseminating the methods and principles of advanced phenomenological inquiry. 


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